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About Us - Spacecadets Air Design - The Lowry at Night

About Us


What We Do…

Spacecadets are well-regarded and innovative, inflatable experts that design and produce incredible inflatable structures and sculptures to hundreds of clients for national and international visual, arts and cultural events.

We understand that our clients want their events to create impact, to stand out from the crowd, events that audiences and customers will love to come to and talk about for years to come but that work within budget, time limits and site restrictions.

We’ll quickly get to understand your requirements and offer you quotes based on these whether you are looking to hire or buy from us or if you have an idea for an inflatable you would like us to make specifically for you.

‘Spacecadets were excellent, from the initial talks right through production and then post production we were totally supported, no question was too small, or stupid!  The advice we recieved was spot on and the final product exactly what the designer wanted.’  Emma Jones Technical Manager, Scottish Dance Theatre

We’re proud to have built strong and lasting partnerships with many companies and artists and having listened to them all over the years we have tailored the business so that it can offer a complete in house service e.g:

    • Free design
    • Delivery and collection service
    • Installation and take down
    • Lighting hire
    • Weight hire
    • Photographic quality printing
    • Risk Assessments
    • Site Visits


Spacecades are one of the few remaining inflatable creators that make their designs in the UK. All our work is unique and designed and produced in the North of England with studios and offices in Todmorden, West Yorkshire, Lancaster and Manchester.

How we came to be…

Shadows of dancers in inflatable conesBack in 1999 two young female artists got the opportunity to create a visual backdrop for 1000 drummers and dancers as part of the Streets Ahead festival in Manchester’s Castlefield arena.

They created four 50ft inflatable towers each with an internal, giant, human shadow dancing display. Inspired by the tremendous feedback and the visual impact they had created the women were overcome with possibilities of what ‘could be’ and Spacecadets was born and continues to be stimulated into creating new inflatable work.

Who is who…

Jamima Latimer - Founder and Artistic Co-director - Spacecadets Air DesignJamima Latimer, Founder and Artistic Co-Director

Jamima studied Interactive Art and Art as Environment at Manchester Metropolitan University …. quite some time ago. She worked as a community artist and a make up artist before setting up Spacecadets in 2000. With over 13 years experience in designing and making inflatable art she continues to develop her practice spurred on by a strong desire to create work which offers new ways to interpret the world, where audiences feel engaged, transported and experience some sense of freedom within that. Loves are dancing, yoga, climbing, making.


Louise Miller - Producer and Director - Spacecadets Air DesignLouise Miller, Producer &  Co-Director

Louise worked in retail management for 6 years until she realized her life long ambition of working for herself. Having helped Spacecadets for a number of years Louise and Jamima joined forces to run Spacecadets together. Loves singing, camping, drinking G&T….often all at the same time!



Spacecadets are supported by more than 40 highly experienced, specialist and dedicated freelancers including seamstresses, 3D designers, technicians, pattern cutters and riggers meaning we are able to respond quickly to influxes in work.

At Spacecadets we encourage an open and positive team culture from which naturally emerges creativity, innovation and genuine excitement about the inflatables we bring to our clients.

What our clients say…

Don’t just take for word for it…

‘Its always exciting to see a Spacecadet inflatable arrive at an event, you know what you’re going to get..….inspired, colorful magic that can transform a boring hall, green space or city square in to a place that engages people in so many creative ways.’ Paul Bailey, Cultural Development Officer, City of Stoke-on-Trent

‘The inflatable artworks function beautifully as backdrops for live performances or as imaginative and lively beacons that can quickly and economically populate and animate any space outdoors or in.’ Paul Bailey, Cultural Development Officer, City of Stoke-on-Trent

‘As a contemporary dance company we needed to work with a company who were flexible and understood our crazy demands.  We were after value for money but also needed to feel secure and confident, this is why we chose Spacecadets.  Emma Jones, Technical Manager, Scottish Dance Theatre

‘I highly recommend you speak to the Spacecadets team who are really helpful in terms of creating and developing the best impact for your event or activity.’  Paul Bailey, Cultural Development Officer, City of Stoke-on-Trent

‘We’ve always really enjoyed working with the team at Spacecadets. They make the whole process really easy, checking the sites in advance and making sure the get in/out will be as smooth as possible.’ Geoff Rowe,
Chief Executive,
Big Difference Company, Leicester

‘Inflatables have an instant connection with our public – and space cadets creativity challenges and rekindles that connection to support arts events in inspiring audiences.’ David Agnew | Director, The Met, Bury

‘The structures are beautiful and really help create major impact, working within realistic budgets’  Geoff Rowe,
Chief Executive,
Big Difference Company, Leicester

‘Spacecadets… Punctual, Professional, Providers of the Wow factor… a must for any event!!!’  Events & Promotions Officer, Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council

‘Spacecadets’ work set the vibe for our events – instantly positioning the evenings as creative, inventive and independent.  Their input and enthusiasm, for our event, and flexibility on how we address the space issues we were working within, gave the events a fresh blast of enthusiasm.’  David Agnew | Director, The Met, Bury

‘Inflatables have an instant connection with our public – and Spacecadets creativity challenges and rekindles that connection to support arts events in inspiring audiences’  David Agnew | Director, The Met, Bury

If you want to know more, give us a call on 01706 814048 or 01524 383836 for a chat. Get in touch. We can’t wait to work with you.