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Inflatable sensory play pod, outdoor classroom for early years learning

Sensory Play Pod is a Big Success

Spacecadets designed a Sensory Play Pod specifically for Grow Big’s new out reach project ‘Sense’ which aimed to increase the personal, social and emotional development of children aged three to four and their attitude and aptitude to learning. The project worked with children from areas of deprivation and sessions took place inside the inflatable pod. The project was evaluated by EarlyArts. Here’s what they had to say:

  • All centre’s reported an increased sense of calmness when children were in the pod
  • Children were more focused, immersed and engaged in their activities during these sessions, which practitioners felt was the result of the special soothing environment of the pod, as well as the capabilities of sensory play to capture and sustain the children’s interests and attention.
  • “The Pod provided a space which was calm and secure where children were given uninterrupted time to explore and investigate using their senses”. 
  • In one children’s centre, staff reported that one child became engaged with the project despite not engaging with other activities, and they felt this was, at least in part, due to the ambience of being inside the pod
  • Overall the project was very successful and met all its outcomes. The pod was particularly effective.

‘We’re so pleased with how the children have responded to the pod and do feel that it makes our project really special.’ Rachel Stewart, Chair of Grow Big’s Trustee Board

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